About us

Credo Outdoors was born at hunt camp.  Conversations amongst a group of friends about the best way to field dress, butcher, and cook game was the impetus for Credo.  Mike and Adrian recognized that there are many great companies that teach people how to shoot their weapons, hunt, and develop a lifestyle around pursuing game.  But there wasn’t a company dedicated to teaching others what happens after the kill.  THIS IS CREDO OUTDOORS.  What makes Credo Outdoors unique is the experience that both Mike and Adrian bring to the table.  Not just their combined 60 years of hunting experience but their background in Biology, Chemistry, Animal Behavior, and Anatomy as well as their uncanny ability to CONNECT with people regardless of background or age.


Mike has been an avid hunter since he was 11 years old.  Cutting his teeth on the whitetail woods and bird hunting around Ohio.  Growing up in a family of non-hunters Mike learned the lessons of hunting on his own, from pursuing game to field dressing and butchering animals.  After a stint in medical school Mike decided to pursue a doctorate degree in Biology.  Mike has been a professor Biology, focusing on Anatomy and Physiology, for almost 20 years.  His knowledge on the anatomy of animals is unparalleled in both the field and on the butcher block.  He brings his experience as a college professor to Credo and has developed a curriculum that will benefit both the new hunter and experienced outdoorsmen.


Adrian has been chasing game in Pennsylvania and Indiana since as early as he can remember.  Being self-taught in the pursuit and processing of animals has allowed Adrian to explore many different avenues of these crafts.  With a background in both Biology and Chemistry, Adrian is well versed in the processing and care of meat.  He has honed his leadership and communication skills in the medical service industry.  Realizing his passion was in helping others pursue theirs, he spent time as a steelhead guide where he mastered the art of teaching clients in the wild.  Currently, Adrian is the owner and operator of Crooked Lane Brewing in Auburn, California where he teaches both brewers and consumers about the processes and qualities of beer.  His experience, communication skills, and desire to teach others make Adrian a valuable resource for all hunters and non-hunters alike.


Together, Mike and Adrian bring unparalleled passion and experience for teaching others the intricacies and techniques of field dressing and butchering their kill.  Combining education, communication, and patience they will help develop new and experienced hunters to be self-reliant once their animal is harvested.  Empowering hunters through education from the field to the table.